Come see the Big Ditties!

The Big Ditties are rehearsing and creating and will unleash upon you soon.... 


What The folks r sayin...

 "A relatively pleasant evening with a couple of boobs." - Rickard Milne

"I THINK they're for real." - Lincoln Park Trixie

"Voices like angels with mouths like sailors." - Fictlicious

"Dum Dittie Dittie Dum Dittie Dum Dum.” – The Everly Bros

“Yep, th’r big!!” – Cub’s Fan

"AH!..My eye!" - N.Y. Times

"I like the Big Ditties. They're easy!" - G.Q. of the Retar Crew
Ah, the garbage emerging from beneath the driven snow; the smell of thawing dog urine; the sound of... The Ditties!