About Us

"This Chicago comedy band is off to a healthy start! THE BIG DITTIES don’t live by convention and they certainly don’t rock by it either." - Comedy Cake

The Big Ditties are Tu-PO, Ad Rik and DJ K-Heyyy (as if you didn't already know) and since returning from their critically acclaimed and wildly successful world wide tour in support of their 7th number 1 album (Chance The Rapper was the opener) in the last 18 months they’ve been….chillin, as well as hard at work composing their speeches for their Nobel Prizes and filming their award winning and hard hitting documentary on the plight of freezer burn entitled “Cull Of The Ice” which will be presented at this year’s Caan Film Festival (actual venue TBD to the highest bidder [magic & money yo!]) and just so you know The Big Ditties are most influenced by the songs Smell Yo Dick and School House Rock (“Conjunction Junction” being at the top of that list) and you can find The Big Ditties next month at the Aurora mall, but don’t be late as you will miss them take flight to the sky on their dragons, Skippio, Publius and Todd.



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